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Bruce Scheer
Bruce Scheer

Bruce Scheer is President of FutureSight, and has over 20 years of business management and consulting experience. He brings unique and insightful perspectives to client engagements that reflect his passions for technology and strategic marketing and sales enablement. With confidence, optimism and a sense of urgency, Bruce enjoys helping global IT services, software, hardware, and professional services organizations achieve marketing success and great business results.

Bruce takes a holistic approach to developing highly-effective market strategies. After analyzing internal perspectives and outside influences, he helps organizations deliver breakthrough messaging executed through high impact campaigns and rapid sales enablement that can truly impact their business. His specialties include market opportunity analysis; definition and customer segmentation; business planning and financial model development; positioning and messaging development; market research and validation; partner and customer engagement strategies; digital marketing strategies; integrated campaign development; and business value selling.

Before founding FutureSight, Bruce held executive positions in consulting firms and in industry across North America and Asia. He also served as Vice President and West Coast Office Director for MSI Consulting, where he worked with industry-leading clients to identify strategic market opportunities and develop go-to-market campaigns for new products and services.

A noted author and speaker, Bruce is available to share his expertise on a wide range of business topics, including the business value of IT, and selling and marketing based on ROI. He earned an MBA in International Marketing at the University of Oregon, and continued learning at Cornell, University of Copenhagen, UC Berkeley, and University of Michigan. Bruce is currently based in Vashon Island, Washington

Lawson Abinanti
Lawson Abinanti
Positioning Insight Specialist

As a Positioning Insight Specialist at FutureSight, Lawson Abinanti applies over 25 years of experience helping clients tell a better story about their product, service or company. His success is based on deep expertise in B2B software marketing, sales and business development, and product marketing across multiple industries and enterprise markets. He has consulted with hundreds of marketing professionals to help distinguish their software and service offerings in a highly competitive marketplace.

Using a formal, systematic and proven methodology, Lawson helps create compelling positioning and message strategies that differentiate, build awareness and create demand. He especially enjoys conducting workshops in which he shares his tools, expertise and business processes so that clients can independently create messaging that is unique, believable and easily adapted to traditional and digital media.

Lawson has held strategic marketing and management positions with global B2B software companies, enterprise software companies and Value Added Resellers. Companies benefitting from his expertise, directly and indirectly include Navision (in Denmark; now owned by Microsoft), Applix, TM1 Software, Timeline, Prime Factors, ADP Canada, Microsoft Business Solutions, Cognos, VCG Software, VoxVue, 90 Degree Software, MapInfo, Outlooksoft, Kit Software, Epic Data, Crystal Decisions, WRQ Software and RightNow Technologies.

A professional journalist who blogs about positioning and messaging, Lawson earned a BA in Political Science from Washington State University. He also completed all core courses at the School of Journalism at the University of Washington.

David Svigel
David Svigel
Business Value
Insight Specialist

David Svigel is a Business Value Insight Specialist at FutureSight. Throughout his 25-year career, David has shared his market research, strategic planning, product management, marketing and consulting expertise with Fortune 500 companies and startup organizations in diverse industries. He applies his insights and rich experience to helping clients develop go-to-market strategies, value propositions and sales enablement tools that highlight the business value of their technology products and services.

David understands that every client faces unique challenges in their market and enjoys overcoming obstacles to sales success. Blending analytical skills and creative thinking, he helps uncover the value dimensions of a technology solution and designs ways to communicate solution benefits in ways meaningful to buyers. To further persuade prospective customers, David has been instrumental in creating ROI, TCO and other value insight tools that quantify the value delivered by a solution in terms that are straightforward, intuitive and transparent. In short, David excels in providing buyer cost justification, one of the most influential levers in closing more deals.

Before joining FutureSight, David managed all marketing activities for the national account sales team at Philips Medical Systems and provided health care consulting to some of Philips’€™ strategic clients. He also managed market research and planning at Medical Mutual of Ohio, and was responsible for all aspects of the company’s marketing strategy and sales planning. Additional experience includes The Freedonia Group, Charles Schwab and Consumer Healthcare Advantage.

David earned a B.A. degree from Cleveland State University, majoring in Economics with a minor in Finance. He serves on the planning committee for the Northeast Ohio Software Association’€™s Sales & Marketing Group. David is currently based in Kirtland, Ohio.

Donna Guardino
Donna Guardino
Communications Insight Specialist

Donna Guardino, a Communications Insight Specialist at FutureSight, has spent a lifetime choosing her words carefully. A self-professed '€œword nerd',€ her favorite book from the fourth grade book fair is '€œ30 Days to a More Powerful Vocabulary.€ This love of words blossomed into a diverse writing and communications career spanning over three decades. She is skilled at transforming value propositions into persuasive messaging that strengthens brand awareness and helps achieve business goals.

Donna has a wealth of experience writing clear, concise, purpose-driven assets that convey the client’s messaging to its target audience: from customers, partners and industry to end users, consumers and employees. She specializes in writing digital and traditional sales and marketing collateral for software and technology organizations. Additional experience includes writing industry articles, customer profiles, white papers, scripts, end user documentation, employee and internal communications, and B2C marketing materials for retail, recreational and professional services companies.

To share your messaging interactively, Donna produces strategic marketing, customer and employee events to launch new product campaigns, increase brand awareness, gather feedback and strengthen loyalty. From trade shows and sales seminars to executive briefings and user conferences, Donna successfully blends words and activities to help achieve sales and business goals.

Organizations that have directly benefited from Donna’€™s expertise include Intuit and MRI Real Estate Solutions and through her work as an independent communications specialist, Sherwin-Williams and many more. She also contributes her services to civic, academic, volunteer and member organizations to enhance their outreach and improve the effectiveness of their activities.

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