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    Content Marketing

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Content Marketing

Everyone knows content is king, especially as it pertains to executing your B2B marketing campaigns. Once merely a guiding principle, rock-solid content is now essential for rising above the chatter and making sure your customers hear, understand and respond positively to your marketing and sales messages. Successful marketing organizations strive for expert content that is timely, insightful and worthy of sharing, but often struggle with the quality and quantity of what they can produce.

Too often, the demands of creating fresh, insightful content distract subject matter experts from their daily responsibilities. Not only does their work suffer; so does the quality of your content marketing. Likewise, the frequency at which they can generate meaningful content may not satisfy your sales and marketing goals. These obstacles often result in “€œme too”€ tweets and blog posts; simple ideas and obvious truths that are inflated into articles, ebooks, microsites and videos; and uninspiring content that doesn’€™t stimulate potential buyers to take action. Additionally, instead of strengthening customer loyalty and thought leadership in your market, a poorly executed content marketing plan can inadvertently damage your brand.


Best Practices and Examples

How We Can Help

Innovative Content.
Creating provocative and truly helpful content by applying our “Outside-Insight” approach to your marketing messaging framework and inbound marketing communications.
Expert Resources.
Building a €œcontent super-team€ by blending your content expertise with the consulting, writing, design, research and web development capabilities of FutureSight.
Easy Execution.
Simplifying and enabling a content marketing service on the FutureSight Content Marketing Automation Platform or yours… whichever works best for your organization.
Flexible Consumption.
Starting with a fixed monthly fee that can be adjusted up or down based on your business, marketing and sales goals and your budget realities.

The FutureSight Advantage

Industry Recognition.
We help you stand apart from the market chatter, increase your brand awareness and your share of the social conversation by delivering higher levels of thought leadership and audience engagement.
Greater Customer Loyalty.
We help you strengthen your existing and new customer relationships by capturing greater mind and wallet share with more insightful, trustworthy content.
Greater Leverage.
With FutureSight handling the nuts and bolts, your staff is free to focus on core and value-added activities that move your business forward.

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