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    Messaging Makeover

    Craft a Unique Market Message with Outside-Insight from FutureSight

Messaging Makeover

Is your marketing message stale? Are your sales reps communicating a “me too€” message? Can customers easily distinguish your unique value proposition against the competition? If you answered “No” to any of these questions, it€™s time to reinvigorate your market message positioning with a Messaging Makeover from FutureSight.

How We Can Help

Establishing a clear messaging and positioning strategy that connects with customers and inspires action.
Scanning, testing and validating the market message and position to ensure clarity and relevance to customer needs.
Teaching messaging, storyline and communications best practices though our œMessaging That Matters€ workshop.
Creating rock-solid positioning and messaging that is consistently applied to all sales and marketing communications.

The FutureSight Advantage

Impartial and balanced €œOutside-Insight€ point of view that aligns internal perspectives with outside realities and provides opportunities to differentiate optimum results.
Rapid response and accelerated development processes that help speed your sales messages to market.
Best practices built over 20 years and successfully applied with industry-leading clients.
Dedicated “Insight Specialists” who share their expertise with your marketing organization.
Fixed Pricing.
Customized packages that satisfy messaging needs and budget realities and include fixed pricing, a fixed timeline.

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