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    Develop a strong value proposition and crisp, insightful storyline.


Every organization has a unique value proposition and story to tell one that must be told early and high in the sales cycle before buyers start formulating a decision. Analysts tell us that buyers believe they are 60 percent done with the process before they even speak with your sales rep. With such a small window of opportunity to make an impact, your messaging must be crisp, insightful and powerful enough for buyers to reconsider any preconceived notions they might have had prior to direct engagement with your sales organization.

At FutureSight, we apply our proven processes, expertise and “Outside-Insight”€ approach to get your value proposition and story right. We ask the right questions of the right people, and choose the right words and visual approaches to engage your customers and tell a compelling story, one that challenges their thinking, presents their situation in a new light, conveys a sense of urgency and demonstrates how your solution can solve their real business problems’ uniquely.

How We Can Help

Establishing the foundation for your positioning and marketing messaging, guaranteeing relevance and consistency across all marketing and sales communications.
Encapsulating your vision and market message into a compelling verbal and visual story that can also be shared at key stakeholder meetings and keynote events.
Generating audience and channel-relevant content to foster new sales opportunities and greater customer loyalty.
Developing joint partnership and solution value propositions and associated co-marketing and co-selling assets.
Scanning, testing and validating the market message, storyline and offerings framework to ensure clarity and relevance to customer needs.
Inculcating sales-ready messaging, storyline and communications best practices across the marketing organization.

The FutureSight Advantage

Clear, concise marketing messages that connect with your customers and inspires action.
Impartial and balanced points of view that align internal perspectives with outside realities and provide opportunities to differentiate.
A compelling value proposition that’s validated by customers, analysts and industry thought leaders.
Consistent, end-to-end positioning from strategy development through sales enablement for a unified product marketing message.
Rapid response and accelerated development processes that help speed your sales messages to market.

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